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Being the Executor of a Will can be a difficult and time consuming responsibility, as it has complex legal, financial and tax consequences.
Executors are legally responsible for applying for a Grant of Probate, administering the estate and distributing the assets and are personally and financially liable for any mistakes.
We work very closely with Kings Court Trust, who are probate and estate administration specialists. If you think you may need to obtain probate and would like us to arrange a free NO OBLIGATION meeting, please click on the link below. We'll get in touch with you and give you the help you need to get you through this difficult time.
Our legal and tax experts will handle all your probate needs and a dedicated Case Manager will keep you regularly informed throughout the process. We will do this for a fair, fixed and all-inclusive price to give you peace of mind from beginning to end.

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Executors must:
• Ensure that the wishes of the deceased as expressed in the will are carried out
• Identify all the assets and claims against the estate
• Obtain valuations of the joint and sole assets as at the time of death
• Ensure that the estate of the deceased is handled efficiently and that funds and assets in the estate including businesses are properly managed
• Prepare TAX returns for the deceased for inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax
• Obtain tax clearances before distributing the estate
• Be responsible for settling all the debts of the estate including all taxes - this responsibility can last for 6 years
• Complete and file the relevant court forms
• Apply for Probate and attend a personal interview at the Probate Registry
• Prepare accounts for the beneficiaries and after payment of all claims, distribute the estate
You cannot charge for your time in applying for Probate unless you are acting in a professional capacity such as a Solicitor, Barrister, Notary or Trust Corporation!
Latest UK Probate News
Since the inheritance tax law change in October 2007 it has become vital that you obtain help when dealing with probate to ensure that the available Nil Rate Band is transferred coorectly and available for use on second death.
We recommend that everyone over the age of 18 ensures that they have a valid will written by a Professional Will Writer.
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